Honeywell Enterprise Performance Management

Lead research planning, execution, information architecture and strategy for Honeywell's Enterprise Performance Management.

Please contact me for more information and case studies from this project. 

Key Challenge:

Building a scalable, configurable IoT SaaS solution with a singular UI across vastly different industries (Supply Chain, Oil & Gas, Mining). 

Group 5 (1)
Group 5 (1)
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Leadership & Relationship Development

  • Facilitating stakeholder alignment with a global team across products and industries 

  • Fostering internal and external relationships to gain access to B2B end users 

Systems Thinking, Service Design & IA

  • Developing a global navigation system and navigation patterns across multiple applications 

  • Developing an event and notification taxonomy suitable to industries with varying complexity in use cases

  • Understanding the commonalities and distinctions among personas across industries 

  • Developing an application configuration system in partnership with enterprise platform tools 

  • Determining the impacts of SaaS selling variations and user permissions on UI 

Studies Executed

  • 2 On-site contextual inquiry and validative research visits 

  • 18 Remote moderated and unmoderated concept testing and usability testing 

  • 2 Generative research studies 

  • 4 Information architecture explorations

  • 1 product definition design sprint