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MARTA Mobile

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Redesign of the Marta-On-the-Go Mobile App


I began the user research process for this project by surveying users their current habits using MARTA, and their opinions of the current app. I then conducted a competitive and comparative analysis using local transit apps and third party navigation apps to identify additional opportunities for improvement. After synthesizing my user research, I used my findings and demographic data from MARTA to compose a persona.


The primary issues with the MARTA app stemmed from its complicated information architecture. To remedy this, I pared the existing app’s sitemap down to its most essential features, and attempted to condense them into as few pages as possible. I then conducted open and closed card sorts to figure out how to group the features. Once I had a basis for the organization of the app, I created sketches and wireframes and ran them through user testing to identify the most effective layout for the app. 



After a few rounds of testing with a clickable prototype, I began to design the high fidelity layout for the app. The project's visual design was inspired by Google's Material Design guidelines, as well as the redesign of Testing of the high fidelity version of the app revealed that adding additional symbols and differentiating colors, allowed users to more successfully navigate the app. Finally, I used all this data to create a final set of comps, clickable prototype, and demo video to bring the UI to life. 

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